Greetings from Janine, the Creative Designer of GRATEFUL LIFE Creations.  After exploring various creative outlets, such as painting, jewelry making and crafts, I was inspired to delve into sewing. The magic happened when I purchased my first sewing machine; I knew I had found love!

I am just like my granny, Dorothy Phillips (Dot) who loved to sew and sow for her family and the community. She had a reputation for not only sewing anything requested, but she had a giving heart out of which she always sowed seeds. After her passing, I have been bitten with the sewing “bug” and I too love to sew and sow for my family and the community. There is something so magical about taking a piece of fabric and transforming it into a unique creation. It not only brings joy to the recipient but it brings me joy and a sense of pride.

My first project was to fulfill a request from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for volunteers to sew dolls for children undergoing surgery. Although it was a big task, I gave it my all. The joy I felt when I delivered the dolls to the hospital is indescribable. I knew that I was being a blessing others. Since completing that project, I have been compelled to continue sewing to help uplift the spirits of others.

What is so amazing about this new sewing journey is that until now I have always played it safe and stayed within my comfort zone. However, in 2015, I decided to stop being scared.  As my husband and I enjoy our empty nest,  my motto has become “I CAN”. Acting on small beginnings in my sewing and building up my skills, I feel like I am transitioning into a bright new time of my life. Although I work a 9-5 job, my true fulfillment of purpose comes from sitting at my sewing machine and creating beautiful things.

I hope Grateful Life Creations inspires, encourages and uplifts people to became the best they can be and to get closer to our CREATOR!

Peace and love,
Janine ☀️