Talking “Sewing” with Lee Andersen

Today,  I am grateful to have met with designer, Lee Andersen. She is a fashion designer of her own line of clothes and accessories sold nationally and she is located right in Laurel Maryland.  She is the founder of ManneqART and runs a magnificent warehouse where she makes her magic happen.  Lee is also the founder of Maryland Fashion Institute where aspiring fashion designers can learn from her real world experience.  

 My daughter and I went on a tour at her facility this past Sunday and it was an experience I will never forget.  Clothes, rolls of fabric and sewing machines were everywhere.  I could smell leather and sewing machine oil in the air.  There was color and texture from aisle to aisle and Lee walked around barefooted like she was right at home giving us quick glimpses of her colorful world. 

Who would have thought I would meet with a fashion designer in my local area a few days after a tour of a sewing warehouse.  I sew pillows but Lee sat with me and blessed me with her creative wisdom.  She encouraged me to keep making my pillows and loved my high quality fabric and flock vinyl wording.

I will forever treasure Lee Andersen for freely giving me nuggets of priceless information to master my craft.  Her creativity and excitement for her gift rubbed off on me.  She truly uplifted and encouraged my soul!☀️

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