Try Gratitude 

img_1564Just like you, I struggle with things in life that disappoint me. I have some things that I constantly have to work on being grateful for because they often feel like thorns in my flesh.  Some things improve. Some things don’t.

One reason why Grateful Life Creations was created is to keep others, (including me) inspired and uplifted when life gets you in a funk.  My posts and pillows are to help others smile and feel encouraged.

What  do we do when those thorns don’t disappear?  Pray? Find inspiration? That all helps.

Try gratitude.  Sometimes God wants us to just show gratefulness for what we have until things improve.  I have to admit, this is easier for some situations than others.

I know what I have to work on being grateful for as this is a daily walk for me.  Think about what that thing is for you. Let’s set our minds to make gratitude change our altitude.

Ask yourself what this thing is teaching you? How is it improving your character? How much better are you for going through the changes?  Take it one day at a time and see what happens.  Instead of focusing on what your life lacks, focus on the abundance that is already present.

I, too, will ask these questions. Intentionally being more grateful to God will make our lives more enjoyable .☀️





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